We Love You Sally Carmichael: Endearingly Sweet

Posted 08/16/2017 706

Once in a while a romantic-comedy comes around with a good plot that really resonates all the great traits that make it a soon to be classic rom-com. 'We Love You Sally Carmichael" is a film that reminds us all what we loved about movies such as: "My Best Friend's Wedding", "The Wedding Planner", and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days."

Director Christopher Gorham not only directed this film that was shot on location in Salt Lake City, he also stars as the lead character, Simon Hayes. Simon was an aspiring writer that had not had any success with his novels, until he wrote "Siren" - a film that is is based on a romance between a merman and a woman.

The problem is he did not use his real name as a bycredit for the book, instead he used the pen-name - Sally Carmichael. With such success with his Sally Carmichael also authored 2 more sequels to "Siren" that were also well-recieved (sans a few critic reviews.) Simon's secret is not known in the town of Salt Lake City, Utah. Noone knows that he is actually Sally Carmichael. He keeps his anonymity away from his family and Brad (his brother) for good reason as if anyone ever knew what type of books he wrote he would never be able to face anyone in the town again.

 But his world is turned upside down, when his publishing agents nail down a deal with a movie studio who want to do  a film-adaptation of "Siren." In order for the deal to go down, the actor (Perry Quinn) set to play the lead role in the  movie wants a one on one meeting with Sally. With no other recourse or choice, Simon agrees upon the requirement  to meet Perry Quinn (who is an actor known for his egotistical attitude.)

 In the meantime before the meet and greet with Perry, Simon continues the 'smoke and mirrors' facade that has  always protected it being discovered that he is Sally Carmichael.

 He runs down his own book and in the midst of a rant at a book-signing, Tess the bookstore owner requests that he  compose a review type article on the Siren series and the hype that surrounds the book. Once his review is published  it goes viral to epic proportions and the whole media and town is now focused on Sally CarMichael the author, but  also Simon Hayes the book's #1 critic.

 Will Simon Hayes be exposed as the true author of "Siren" or will he be able to keep his anonymity and his    reputation under wraps? The movie isn't the freshest story, but it is one that takes you on a merry-ride from start to  finish. Watching the sparks fly between Simon and Tess is fun, and many moments are quite hillarious in nature.

 “We Love You, Sally Carmichael!” brings a little bit of everything to the table and is an entertaining film that endearlingly leaves you with all of the "feel good" emotions that romantic comedies appear to lack at promoting these days.