The Only Living Boy in New York: Truly Moving Romantic Drama

Posted 08/31/2017 3586

"The Only Living Boy in New York" is a bit melancholy and just like its namesake title taken from a popular song written and performed by famous duo, Simon and Garfunkel in 1970 - it resonates with you after it is finished. 

Unlike famed director Marc Webb's former films "Amazing Spiderman" and "500 Days of Summer" - it is uniquely weaved-web (no pun intended) of nostalgia merged with a dramatic flare that is unforgettable. At least that is what we think and feel about the movie. Although many critics would disagree in lieu of this movie's poor review ratings and box office earnings.

Young Callum Turner (Fantastic Beasts) assumes the role as 20-something Manhattanite, Thomas Webb who is your atypical rich kid. He namely just hangs out with his pal, (Kiersey Clemons) Mimi. He is secretly in love with Mimi, but has landed in the friend-zone and is not sure how to get out of it.

Thomas also spends his spare time with an alcoholic, W.H. Gerald played by Jeff Bridges who serves as a better mentor than his philandering father, Ethan (Pierce Brosnan.) W.H. is an avid (sort of) author that gives him advice boldy as he usually sits at the bar sucking down whiskey. They talk about love, aspirations, and life among all things.

Thomas's mother, Judith ( Sex and the City's, Cynthia Nixon) is an invisible shadow to her book-publisher executive, AKA hot-shot husband, Ethan. She spends her time playing the role as the "trophy wife" that does not quite measure up and that resorts to pill-popping as a means to cope with her misery.

Ethan Webb is carrying on a torrid affair with one of his sultry editors, Johanna (Kate Beckinsale.) But noone is aware, until Thomas stumbles on his dad necking with a strange woman (Johanna) at an upper-east club. Call it passive-aggressive revenge on his dad or just boredom of a pretentious wealthy punk, but Thomas becomes infactuated with Johanna and also strikes up an affair with her.

What follows is a bunch of drama, hard-lessons are taught, hearts are broken, and relationships are broken apart. There is also jaw-dropping twist that you won't see coming OR that you may be able to predict, but we assure you it is a good one!

For the most part all of the actors that star in this movie bring their best to the table with 2 main scene-stealers to be Callum Turner and Jeff Bridges. The ambiance of their dialogues and interaction with eachother is truly convincing. Callum Turner brings it forward and shows us a polar-opposite side of his Fantastic Beast, geeky character as his british charisma shines bright like a diamond - and we like it! Where has this guy been?

The 88 minute run-time keeps you attention, and encompasses you into a world of long ago. Before Manhattan became quite the "Big City" that it has evolved into today. "The Only Living Boy in New York" is simple and fun - and it will move you! Although in some scenes it strikes you right to the core of your soul, being and heart, you still walk away satisfied with having purchased the tickets to see it in theaters, first.