The Little Hours- Crude Spoof That is Genuinely Funny

Posted 08/04/2017 1230

"The Little Hours" is a featured comedy based on spoofs that are circumvented around "nuns in training" set at a convent in 1347 who have not begun to learn how to suppress their sexuality and emotional states.

As the first scene unfolds you understand that Sister Marea played by comedian, Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live) & (John C. Reilly) Father Tommasso have everything under control, even though their nuns seem to be a bit rebellious and unsettled.

But close by, a village is riddled with sin and scandal as (Nick Offerman) Lord Bruno has caught his wife in bed with their servant (Dave Franco) Massetto. Massetto makes a run for it and Father Tommasso rescues him from his peril and invites him to stay at the convent as long as he stays out of trouble. He must act as if he is mute an unable to speak or hear.

However, just with his mere presence the nuns begin to grow restless and "hot an bothered' over Massetto's handsome exterior. Fernanda (Aubrey Plaza), Genevra (Kate Micucci) and Alessandra (Alison Brie) feel as if they have the answer to soothe their ails. What ensues is a wild sex-frenzed game of cat and mouse between all parties involved.

In "The Little Hours" nothing is off limits - especially when it comes to giving you a good laugh. All things of sexual genre roles, sexuality, and of Christianity is mocked in lieu of joke after joke and gag after gag.

Expect orgies, full, female nudity, bi sexual and homosexual relations, drugs and booze, and plenty of profane language with tons of sexual innuendos involved in a very brutal nature. Anything in "The Little Hours" is at the expense of a good laugh. So it is wise to be aware that this film is not at all for children to watch.

This film fared very well at the "Sundance Film Festival" because it is very funny and enjoyable - although its raunchiness is what makes it so comical. The actors also bring their very best to the table to certify that the delivery of every scene is met with satisfaction. You can tell that they too (the actors) had a blast performing their characters in this very BOLD, raunch-com about medieval nuns gone wild!

The truly and only innocent party in "The Little Hours" is Massetto who seems to be the object of everyone's desire and who is truly trying his best to live up to Father Tommasso's wishes for him to stay out of trouble.

As with all films, this film is not for the faint at heart with its jabs at religion and Christianity and with its no holes-barred approach to sexual preference and behavior - some may be disgusted and feel that it goes to far.

However, there are many others who will definitely get every "dirty", messed up moment of this film - especially since it does not stop at making you laugh at every turn with its truly funny antics.