Ingrid Goes West: A Sattire For The Social Media Obsessed

Posted 08/30/2017 922

Social Media has become a vast part of today's modern culture. Besides  the drama and biopic surrounding Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's success in "The Social Network" - there have really not been any successful satirical films that could even closely capture the essence of the truly ridiculous (albeit realistic side) of the social media revolution as well as Matt Spicer's, "Ingrid Goes West." 

Ingrid Thorburn played by Aubrey Plaza, is a young woman who is stricken with mental illness that spirals down-hill when a conflict at a nuptials event causes her to take a long hiatus from human/social interaction. Ingrid gets a new, fresh-start when she comes into an inheritance and is finally looking forward to a somewhat normal future.

But it is not too long before, Ingrid's open access to social media and other's on the outside through a smartphone sends her into an obsessive frenzy.

Ingrid becomes addicted to Instagram celebrity, Taylor Sloane played by Elizabeth Olsen (Wind River.) Taylor is your typical Instagram "Queen" that endorses different products through her Instagram account.

In Ingrid's eyes, Taylor who lives in sunny Los Angeles is living the perfect life! So what does she do? She packs up and heads 'out west' to Los Angeles to meet, greet and befriend Taylor. She just knows they will become besties and hit it right off!

Well pulling out all stops, Ingrid wriggles her way inside Taylor's life just as planned. She infiltrates Taylor's circle including her husband (Wyatt Russell) Ezra, her brother (Billy Magnussen), Nicky and even garners some extra attention from Tay's, pretty cool landlord.

But it takes no time for Ingrid's fantasy world to clash with the harsh realities brought on by Taylor's trouble-making brother, Nicky. And this doesn't bode well with Ingrid at all, what so ever.

Aubrey Plaza does a fine job of portraying both a mentally ill woman that's dark side is shrouded and cloaked with the best of intentions - gone wrong and a funny, quirky individual that draws you in empathetically and endearingly. She lights up the screen and brings a presence to the film that would not be possible without true acting talent.

Elizabeth Olsen in a lighter role than her "Wind River" character implies all the pretentiousness with the shallow, mindset of  the better than thou attitude of social media star, Taylor. Taylor is not very likeable as a person, but Olsen conveys the truer notions that there is always much more to a person than what they "play" on the outside - and especially in a celebrity perspective.

"Ingrid Goes West" is certainly not an Oscar worthy movie. But its premise is one that demonstrates the powerful influence that social media has on society. It also genuinely shows that "not all is as it appears" when it comes to the portraits that people paint of themselves through use of social media networks.