Good Times: A Brilliant Side of Robert Pattinson, Riveting Movie

Posted 08/21/2017 895

Nothing like his Edward Cullin days of "Twilight" - Robert Pattinson shines in this very vivid, 'raw to the bone' drama, "Good Time" where his character is so extreme and truly unlike any other roles that he has formerly portrayed himself as the average bloke. Yes.. Pattinson has transpired leaps and bounds from  his "Harry Potter" and "Remember Me" days!

Film viewers got a unique taste of just the brilliant and very diverse acting skills that Robert Pattinson has been unable to flaunt before. With his tricked-out piercings, Bronx accent (which he nailed) and blazen facial hair - Robert Pattinson is unrecognizable in "Good Time."

Fans of the charismatic brit and even the most skeptical of critics- are like who is this guy? Even Pattinson himself proclaimed while promoting the movie on Good Morning America that during filming - he could walk into a Tattoo shop and peruse the streets without even being recognized as the "heart-throb" that he has become renowned to be.

In "Good Times" Robert Pattinson takes on the role as "Connie" short for Constantine Nikas. He is a born to be criminal that lives his life pillaging off the depths of the corrupt parts of New York. His new scheme of robbing a bank requires the help of his brother, Nick. Nick is not mentally stable (borderline handicapped) or very intelligently equipped to deal with such expectations.

Constantine (Connie) is so hell-bent on employing his brother into his scheme that he even resorts to coaxing him from his regularly schedule therapy appointment. You can already predict- that things will not bode well for the brothers.

Connie does get away with the cash, while brother Nick accidentally ignites a feud with some of the city's most viscious criminals on Riker Island.

Nick takes one for the team of course....and lands himself in jail for his miss-haps! It is then up to Connie and his not so bright lover (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to come up with 10K to pay off one of the  toughest bail bondsman in the city.

But mayhem ensues and the violence, chase, and thrilling events that occur under time-constraints to rescue Nick from jail are riddled with extreme obstacles for Connie.

You get drugs, a bit of racist facism, and some bloody scores that are sorta important, but sometimes worth missing. The all harrowing plotpoints actually make you cheer for Pattinson's character Connie (so selfish and narcissistic) as he realizes that he may be exactly the reason his far too innoocent brother to be in the worst peril of his life.

As he tries to right his wrongs, he (Connie) is thrown into a dark place that unseamlingly appears as if its inescapable...

Between the cold-hard events that take place moment after moment in this film - to the endearing "Bro vibes" that both overwhelm two main characters, "Good Time" is a good flick which valiantly earned a standing ovation when pre-screened!

Pattinson demonstrates all the breadth and girth- and even a larger potential as an actor for having done this movie.  As some actors get stereo-typed from the roles of the past- Pattinson certainly rises above and beyond to really earn a new acclaim for his acting talents.